4chan was discovered by struggling porn adviser moot on October 1st, 2003. The site had already existed and some argue it has since the dawn of time. The site creates memes like Pepe, Sad Pepe, Joe Biden, Angry Pepe, tumblr, and Smug Pepe. In 2015 moot lost a barbecue cuck off to Japan and lost the rights to the website. On 4chan there are several specialized boards known as "discussion zones."

/co/ - Comics and Cartoons

This discussion zone mostly concerns American Chinese Cartoons and picture books. The users here are pretty cool but don't like fire. They are huge fans of MTV's "The Legend of Korra: Twilight Princess" except that they hate it. They also probably like cookies and even more likely refer to them as /co/okies on their private chat channels that I'm still trying to find. /co/ memes include "Miscarriage Man" and every Batman-Joker rape incident ever.

/v/ - Video Games

This discussion zone relates to video games and video game accessories. The users here are also pretty cool but need to take out the trash when I ask them to NOT later. They enjoy playing video games in order to cover the cruel fact that there is no Scary Godmother 3--yet. /v/ users also have a +10 defense passive but despite this they are still not fond of being set on fire. /v/ memes include "Depression Text Adventure" and "Jump Man."

/reddit/ - Random

The random discussion zone pertains to just about anything. Before a 4chan initiate can proceed to another board they most complete a ritual where they spend no less than three months here before moving on. It is estimated that 90% of users do not make it beyond this stage. The random board is home to porn, serial killing, philosophy, and banana worship. They are indifferent to fire.

/lit/ - Literature

Fuck these guys! Seriously! /lit/ users are very mean and will go to any length to poop in your pizza! They're all judgmental and don't like Lord of the Rings. Have they even seen the movies!? Fuck them! So what if I couldn't finish Walden!? It was about nothing, like nothing at all happens! The guy's in the forest for like five years and then he's talking about silverware I don't know. Anyone would need help writing a report about that shit book. Approach /lit/ with fire!


There are no other boards known at this time but some speculate that there is a secret fifth board which focuses on physical activity and girlfriend etiquette. Others theories include that each board is governed by a meme master in an order known as "the Four St. Mods." More radical conspiracies suggest Scary Godmother 3 already exists on Boo-Ray and that moot is still alive.

>Make yourself at home, meme lords.

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