Aigis is a super-fighting robot, but also waifu. Farley Sweet, OTFree and Tommy Dickles can all confirm that she's pretty much the perfect woman. I mean, shit dude. She's a fucking robot. She LITERALLY has immortality, so she'll protect your grave way long after you've already died. No joke, it's been a while since I did her social link in Persona 3: Portable, but I'm nearly certain they mention that specifically.

Originally appearing in Episode 24, she helped fight off an army of Jimmies who were trying to dismantle the Scary Godmother Wiki.

Ever since, Hex-StrawberryJam-Maniac has tried to claim her as one of his Facebook page's 'mascots'. However, Detective-GrapeJam-Looker beat him to it. So, he had to settle for the equally amazing Chie...but he's still salty as fuck about it.

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