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6"5 (Self Proclaimed) 5"5 (Actual height) 5"6 (Llama form)


Ted Cruz (Father)

Alecks is by far the sleaziest sewer rat chillest dude in history of Neo Scary Godmother.


He went off on a tyrant against the group after one fall out in a video call with Tommy Dickles, Spilled Ketchup and Farley Sweet. He got offended over a single joke Spilled Ketchup and Farley made. They proceeded to joke about ISIS, to which Alecks did not like. This caused him to show is "true" self, when Spilled Ketchup sated his Jewish heritage. This forced Alecks to scream at the top of his lungs, his strong hatred for the race.

He attempted to kick Spilled Ketchup out of the group, forcing Tommy to kick out Alecks first before anything else happened.

Months before these events, he stole the page "Memester Midna" right from under Farley Sweet's possession by black mailing him and lying to the fans on the page. Alecks later changed the name of the page to "Shitposting Nonon".

Back to the latest events. He tried threatening suicide on his page after smug little NSGM spammed Nonon with poopoo jokes. They all gathered him onto a video call to talk him out of it, to which he proclaimed "The suicide threats were staged to fool you all. I wasn't going to do it.".

The group grew angrier, forcing him off his own page because of this. Thanks to our good friend, George, we found out he made a new page, Mistress Minene. Because of George, we also found out he gave our personal information about our NSGM crew members in order to attempt to sabotage us. I mean, we weren't really hiding it but we did not like the fact he gave it to total strangers to have him fight his battles for him. He used to resign in the land of Twatch. Playing nothing but Rocket League and Splatoon for all eternity. He escaped and is now trapped in the land of BEAM.

The Final Battle (I Hope)

After the new recruits were kidnapped and forced to watch his bean stream. That Girl From The Podcast teamed up with Denly to finish him off once for all while X gon' give it to ya played in the background. With Aleck's final struggle he attempted to go even further beyond in his Llama form. But before he could, he was shot in the back of the head by a strange shadowy figure. Denly and That Girl From The Podcast both were shocked to see "Him" finishing a job.

Denly and That Girl From The Podcast afterwards got bubble tea and cookies.

It was chases fault.


  • Alecks is currently in debt with his bank due to overdrafting on a butt-load of Steam games, as he owes more than $1000 worth of real
  • AlecksInSpace

    Rejected Alecks design

  • Wants to have sexual interactions with his cousin Namanda
  • In the original Manga, he was going to be a failed clone of IGPHhangout. Obviously, they changed their mind later on in development.

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