Sosa is the main antagonist of the Sugar 7 arc and one of the few mortals that Jimmy is afraid of.

He makes his debut in episode 13 assuring Scary Godmother that he will aid her in the fight against Jimmy. In return for his protection, he requested Hannah give him 400 kilos of sugar candy.

In episode 16, once Sosa acquires his promised sugar, he betrays the Scary Godcrew and raids Fright Side with his hit squad. Katie is kidnapped and Hannah and the gang must rescue her from Sosa all while warding off Jimmy's own assassins.

Hannah confronts Sosa in his mansion in Bolivia in episode 20 but she is defeated by Sosa with relative ease; giving her the spark to train much harder. Sosa is finally killed when Scary Godmother intervenes in the battle and ends the nightmare the drug lord began.

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