Alex Wesker

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Alex Wesker is the bastard clone of Albert Wesker and Alecks gone wrong through the exposure of cherry coke in his embryo stage. Upon his birth PETA released him into the wild where he stumbled upon a Hot Topic. Living in the crawl space and feeding off of hair dye, Alex spent his free time studying his pre-school Math Book which gave him a love of counting to somewhat high numbers. In 2011 he escaped the Hot Topic when it was set on fire and currently feuds with the goverment for taking too long to pay his taxes.

Affairs in Fright Side

Alex is a notorious drug dealer and spends much of his time in the Fright Side mental ward bullying the insane with horrible horror stories. He shot Gangster Spongebob. Twice. It is believed he now lives the walls of Fright Side Castle and has possibly been shitting on all of Strongarm's pizza.

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