Amanda Waller (ブラック Waller) is the head of the R.I.P.D. and reoccurring nemesis of Neo Scary Godmother. Unlike other heavy, black women she is quite unsassay. She prefers to get the job done regardless of how many orphans get in the way. She said she was 39 years old although two years prior she claimed to be 37 showing how dubious her word can be.

Scary Godmother: Revenge of Jimmy

In Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy Amanda Waller is tasked with stopping Jimmy by the United States government and Canada. She organized a successful counter raid against Jimmy's monsters but received criticism for all the disabled children she used as bait. Outraged, Amanda went on to employ Ging who went on to destroy even more monsters and disabled kids. Amanda was almost able to capture Jimmy but was betrayed by Ging who was bored. Later, when Hannah asked Jimmy if Amanda was actually a formidable foe he simply replied, "Whom?"

2016 Anime

Amanda occasionally tires to capture members of NSGM for various vague reasons. She seems to have a particular interest in taking down OTFree since she issued the highest bounty against him. When OTFree was asked about how he felt about Amanda he cleverly replied, "Whom?"


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