"Bitches get stitches" ~Aoi, 2016

Aoi is a blue loli with an obsession for weird things and a habit of eating non-edible things. She is from a multitude of Gyro's comics and future cartoon plans but she currently resides in 3 places, one of them being the world of Neo Scary Godmother. She was first created to be a container for pure madness, a substance that's rather disgusting to most people, and while she used to look much older as she existed for about 19 years, she died quite recently and came back in a much more "compact" size. She lives out most of her days in a state of euphoria, eating things that dont belong to her, acting like someone who should probably be on Ritalin, and pestering the people she cares about. While originally planning on destroying the world, after her death she became mind-numbingly stupid and decided she'd rather take her sweet time pissing off others, meme hunting, and meandering around like a child on about 20 bottles of Honey Boo-Boo's "Go-Go Juice". After joining a group of ragtag memers from the far reaches of FaceBook, she's decided to make a shitposting page and live the rest of her days in sweet unadulterated madness.

Personality and Abilities

Dude, she's a straight up cuntwagon, but the good kind. She enjoys making people so angry they get blisters in their stomachs, or being a prude and hanging out with memers. Shes tolerable at times and even likable, but most good feelings towards her leave when she starts to talk. "This one time I stared a guy into trying to hang himself, he threatened me with a sharpened candy cane he'd been eating for a bit. It was pretty rad." ~Aoi's views on the democratic party. She has the strange ability to eat things and gain powers from them, not like kirby, more like that girl with the teeth in her cooch, you know what i'm talking about? Anyways, if she eats feathers she gets wings, she eats a sword she gets a sword, ok yeah shes pretty much kirby, but thats only because she was a shitty idea and a poorly written overpowered character. Her hair is so thick and luxuriously fluffy that she once blocked cannon fire and a shotgun blast at point blank with her back turned. Chuck Norris made a comment on her hair saying, "Her hair is about as tough as my beard, I would know, our hair was blessed by the same divine being."

Noticeable Accomplishments

The thing about the guy with the candy cane is definitely a big one for her. She once kicked Jimmy's black friend in the dick and called him a very bad word, one that might get me kicked off the internet for repeating. She withstood a fight between two angels at point blank range for about 3 days straight without sleep, so thats pretty good but its not her favorite. She once had the guts to call Johnny Test a "blue balled sqwooge" and actually got away with it. She screamed the word fuck for so long that not many people actually knew it was the word fuck because of how long she had been drawing out the "Uh" in the middle.

The Doughnut Scout Incident

There are a few children in Fright Side, mostly girls, who join a group called the Doughnut Scouts. Like girl scouts they sell food from door to door or at select stores and shops. They have supportive merchandise such as shirts, buttons, flags, etc. and Aoi had joined their club to make some easy cash. When she realized that nobody wanted the food she was selling, mostly because she just wasnt cute enough to sell that much, she decided she would just eat everything and avoid the sales altogether. This backfired on her however when she was kicked from the Scouts regiment after eating literally everything in their stock. "Yeah, I'll admit it, I got carried away," Aoi says in the interview, "but those no neck chumps were asking for it, no one bought shit from me, ME! Have you seen these adorable cheeks and blue eyes? You'd have to be a real dumbfuck to not buy shit from me!" Her demeanor answers most of her questions for her, shes a real shithead.

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