Early Life

Barron Tiberius D. Brian Trump is the son of Donald D. Trump and is the current, and youngest to ever be appointed, Secretary of Interdimensional Affairs. Born under a meteor shower on March 20th, 2006, the Trump family was surprised when three self-proclaimed wisemen came to bring him offerings of gold, crystal pepsi, and the original Sweetness Core of Robbie Rotten. In his early years it became evident that Barron had unnatural levels of reason and logic. After a brief but thorough period of testing it was revealed that Barron's IQ was 1,200 (1,100 points higher than the average adult). Growing up in Trump Tower, Barron lived a life where he could freely experiment and push the boundaries of metaphysical reality. By 7 he had earned two Nobel Prizes in Physics and had written six operas as a 'mere hobby.'

Trump Administration

Although Barron had to put aside much of his research in order to help his father win the 2016 presidential election he had earned a crucial position upon his victory. Since taking over the Department of Interdimensional Affairs, Barron has halted over two dozen otherworldly crises from reaching Earth. His current mission is to unravel the mysteries of the Spooky World. As of January 22nd 2017, he is currently receiving psychic training from the Bogdanoff Brothers.


Yes. He was hit by a hammer.


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