Beach Boys
Beach Boys
"I hate babies."





Beach Boys is not only the Stand User's name, but the name of his stand. He legally changed his name to Beach Boys after literally slaughtering every single one of Buccellati's gang members. Except, he didn't really kill them, only he thought about it once.

He did kill a guy on a train once. That was cool.

Beach Boys is one of the strongest stands ever even trumping Tusk Act 4 and GER


After opening his box of Cracker Jacks and getting a sticker he didn't like, he stood on top of a smoke stack in an industrial site, Beach Boys was about to jump. He wanted to commit suicide after learning his stand was named after the guys that guest stared on Full House once. Also known as, Beach Boys. But then suddenly, he accidentally listened to I Get Around on his Pandora. He decided to do it and jump off. But he pussed out at the last second and activated his stand to catch the tree branch. He missed and hit the ground. Spilled Ketchup was there.

Fortunately, he managed to survive but it cost him his chin and a constant need to put lotion on his skin or else he gets the hose again.

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