Beanu Freeves is one of the members of the Bench Squad led by Tails.

He met Scary Godmother when he was young, but his memory was wiped out after eating the shittiest sandwich ever. His goal is to find the secrets of happiness.


  • Gun Fu - He was trained in the arts of Gun Fu. He is trained with over 300 Gun styles from pistols to Big Fucking Guns. He can also karate chop a bullet in half.
  • Sandwich Throw - He throws a sandwich.....what else were you expecting...
  • Slow mo - Slows down time to do sick ass action poses.


  • Beanu Freeves first used Slow mo in the fight against Toad's Juicy Shroomass Gang, mainly on Neo Gutsman.
  • Beanu is a retired action hero whose partner was a sandwich, but during an explosion. The sandwich was killed and Beanu started his life in depression and sadness.
  • Every November 9th, the day his partne died, he goes to the Scamboville Cemetery to pay his respects at their grave. Nowadays, the entire Bench Squad goes with him in honor of that sandwich.
  • Beanu had actually met Neo Gutsman at the same national ceremony as when Neo met him too. The only reason why Gutsman paid less attention to Beanu was due to his depressing attitude.

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