The Beginning

Bench Squad

The Original four

The Bench Squad was formed by Tails after he met Clawd, Beanu Freeves, and Cole D. sitting on a bench. They are a group that's beats the shit out of gang members and other evil men to get what they want. They learned that Mayor Scamboli used them to expand Scamboville and take over the world. However, Tails caught wind of Scamboli's plans and defeats him.

Bench Squad Vs. Juicy Shroomass

Due to refusing to have the park bench be removed after Scamboli wanted to make room for a Risa Hunt, Scamboli decided to get rid of the Bench Squad. So, he called Toad, his favorite rap star, to get his gang to bust some metal caps in their asses. At this time; Neo and Neo Gutsman were relatively new to Toad's Juicy Shroomass. The fight lasted for about a year and seven months, with many innocent lives taken throughout its horrific reign. After Toad's Gang was defeated, they spared the members, well except for Nutcracker (Who got blown up by Scamboli), and decided to go after Scamboli.

Season 2

Bench Squad Season 2

New Members

After Scamboli's death, The Bench Squad got what they want. Tails recruited Cream the Rabbit and Uni the Star Rabbit, Beanu got his sandwich, Clawd did nothing, and black guy sat next to Obama. Years after, Ken Penders wrote a comic based on the Squad's Adventures. Mini-Tails created a picture

of the Comic and showed it to Tails, however he is not happy about the comic Penders made and gathers the team to kill Ken Penders.

Penders Crusaders

Tails Discovering Ken Pender's shitty comic

Season 3

Two Years later, MatPat became the new mayor of Kindaville. Marlene

Bench Squad Season 3

The Final Frontier

joined The Bench Squad because she discovered that MatPat is awakening the Theory men to wreck havoc to the world. So Tails, Beanu, Clawd, Black Guy, Mini-Tails, Cream, Uni, Marlene, and Little Nicky goes on their journey to stop MatPat and his Theory men.

Season 4

Bench Squad Season 4

The FINAL Final Frontier

In the year 400X, a criminal named Luda stole a time machine to go back into the past to place 6 Mecha Generators to take over the world. But he wasn't alone, Mayor Scamboli (Along side with Tails Doll, Mecha Tails and Metal Tails), Ken Penders and the Great Battle Kukku XV joined forces with Luda to put an end with Tails and his Squad for good. However a Time Cop named Reika Kirishima went back to the present time to help Tails out.

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