Big the Cat or better known as Captain Fucksalot is the leader of the Froggy Brigade. The Froggy Brigade's goal is to find and slaughter the Anura known as Froggy. His reasoning for hunting down this frog is unknown but he vowed he will eliminate the beast.


He's a fat purple cat what else do you want.

Fishing God

He is one of the three remaining Fishing Gods along with Ging  and Steve from Minecraft. These Gods' fishing skills are level 99 on Runescape and Skyrim. They also invented the Fishing Game in Ocarina of Time.

Jarvan Lightshield IV

He can kick his ass and gank bot lane at level 5. Big the Cat was the next Heir to the Demacian Kingdom but Jarvan stole the throne in the most intense match of Yu-Gi-Oh which he cheated in by having several Raigekis at once and ripped one of Big's Illusion Magician cards.