Birds, Bloody Twins


A lot, Autistic Screeching


Dying Will Mode

Birds (バーズ, Bāzu) is a minor antagonist first appearing in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga, chapter 68 and episode 22 in the anime respectively. He also makes numerous cameos in Neo Scary Godmother, starting after the events of Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy.


He wears a pair of computer glasses so as to not hurt his eyes from hours of Googling pictures of birds. He nests roughly 20-30 baby chicks under his hat, occasionally mouth feeding them in public.

His gray hair is not from aging and is actually the result of tripping over a can of silver spray paint on his way to work. He tried to cover this up by saying he mistook a paint bucket for shampoo when taking a shower, but this backfired and made him come across as even more autistic.




Birds has the distinct power of screeching like an autist, even more so than Hisoka at the end of York New City. He also likes to speak bird, like the name suggests. He once tried to trick Hannah Urameshi into stabbing herself with a pen he picked up off the street, but this too, failed miserably.

Birds briefly used Dying Will Mode to escape from Dr. Animo's farm when he was caught trying to fornicate with several birds. Seeing as he was already naked, it's unknown if the transformation would destroy his clothes.


  • Bloody Twins: Illegitimate children (likely as a result of cross breeding)
  • Birds: Birds

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