Bjork Yorkshire
Hopes? Dreams? What charming befuddlement's. I assure you, no such bothersome quandaries shall breach the iron-clad chamber that is my mental fortitude.


Probably Four Thousand or something...




Lotte Yanson, Various Monster Hunter characters


Li-MIng (Wife)

Cheadle Yorkshire (Half-sister) Atsuko Kagari (Mother) Negan Rotten (Distant cousin, twice removed)

Bjork Yorkshire is the final boss of Clyde's Super Awesome Jumpscare House of Gay Retards. Created by Clyde himself, Bjork was made to be the embodiment of all evil, smartassery, and the like. He enjoys berating others on various forms of voice communication, and throwing Hot Pockets at his friends and family (baseless accusation). Having escaped his prison, he traveled across the region of Frightside, and discovered powerful witch Li-Ming from the Diablo series, whom he married and is incapable of having children with due to his narrow urethra.

Early Life

Not much is known of Bjork's unholy quest for power, although many believe it started at a very young age, when he was birthed by legendary autist Atsuko Kagari, whom'st've had a fling with Andrew Hanbridge in the directors cut of an episode of Little Witch Academia.

Realizing that she could not raise a child while crippling with heavy autism, Akko threw her child down a waterfall unbeknownst've to her husband (remember, she's retarded, so she doesn't know how adoption works).

Bjork wound up in the sewers of modern-day Yorknew City, where he was discovered by the parents of Cheadle Yorkshire.

El-superbeasto 226024 46955

My intellect is too grand for you dogs! I have no time for such "borking," and such!

Upon discovering that the only words his family could say were "bork," Bjork planted his family home (and the entire town of Yorkold around it) with explosives. Detonating it and killing Cheadle's parents, Bjork left the town.

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