Black kid in a grape costume holding a grocery bag filled with candy first appeared in Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular. It is unknown what his power level is, but in the one scene he is in, he is shown to be able to lift an entire bag filled to the brim with candy with relative ease.

According to the creators, he was originally planned to team up with Hannah in Scary Godmother and the Attack on Frightside to defeat Scary Godmother. It is unknown why he was scrapped, but it could have been related to the recent controversy involving grape jam in the Jam wars. Rumor has it, he is planned to re appear in the Third instalment of Scary Godmother. The release date has not been confirmed for the next movie.

It was confirmed that he can hand stand when he needs to. This was confirmed at Comicon 2014 at the Scary Godpanel.

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