Brasil (not BRAZIL. you frickin' morons) is one of the major protagonist in the Scary Godmother OVA, "Fight! Hannah Urameshi. Win! Hannah Urameshi.". Brasil is known for being coke'd up more often than not, having a never-ending passion for things having to do with SEGA, and being the only one of his country to obtain a Stand.


Being the strongest Stand of Brazil, TECTOY possesses SEGA products from the Brazillian market (i.e. Mega Drive, Master System, and Dreamcast). Said products can be summoned to either attack the enemy, or be used as an actual device due to them being authentic as fuck.

Fight! Hannah Urameshi. Win! Hannah Urameshi.

Brasil's role in the OVA is to stop Jimmy Brando from drinking all of the sacred Crystal Pepsi to gain power and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. In episode 4, Brasil mentions to Hannah his desires to become the biggest meme of 20XX after drinking the sacred Crystal Pepsi.