The BuffRiku saga is a sidestory which consists of a tumblrista attempting to ride off of PlatinumGaming's success.

PlatinumGaming Scandal

It started off as any ordinary day: OTFree, Tommy, and Moppy were shitposting Persona 5 mashups while Paletuna was using Scatman John vinyls as frisbees; when an unknown resident stupidly dong-ding-ditched the mansion and "accidentally" left a note with a handwritten link to a beam stream on the doormat (SPOILERS: they were desperate for attention). Thinking it was Alecks trying to perform some publicity act, the four autists went to investigate, to which it really didn't take them much time at all to figure out. To their surprise, it was some asshole trying way too hard to emulate the success of Alecks' streams by playing some ironic bootleg vidyagame for attention, so the crew blatantly told him he wasn't funny and they got banned.

Moments later, Strongarms showed up at the streamers house thinking it was a Dairy Queen, causing the streaming to have a panic attack. The streamer was later confirmed to be just fine afterwards.


  • His favorite candy is Airheads.
  • He once tried hitting on a 12 year old boy.
  • Alecks hates him.

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