Byakuya Togami is a gay motherfucker from Dangan Ronpa. He is married to Jotaro Kujo and is the adoptive father of Orson.


The man of your dreams.

Togami is a fucking rich asshole piece of shit and I hate him seriously he can go suck a dick or something. If I'm gonna be honest with myself, though, he's pretty hot. I mean, I hate him, but if I was given a choice to have sex with him, I probably would idk. Also apparently he's rumoured to be a spider from a cartoon where everything's gone to shit so fuck the spider guys fucking do it.


Jotaro Kujo - Togami's loving husband, and the only person who can truly learn to love Togami. They met each other when they happened to stand next to each other while peeing into urinals in a Denny's in Iowa. They fell in love at first sight.

Geico Money - A pile of money with eyes who Togami is having an affair with.

Orson - Ugly idiot piece of shit who is Togami's adopted son.

Athena - Togami's ex. Is wearing a penguin costume at the time I write this.


There is Touhou fucking everywhere in this stream right now

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