Byeah No. 218 or Byeah for short is one of the infinite amounts of Byeahs in this dimension alone. He was first made 32 years ago and found a way to Frightside and that's all that is really known. Byeahs are natural strong, dim-witted, cockey, and have a love for narcotics. Byeahs may have come from a location called "Liberty City" which is located somewhere in North America.


  • He knows he is only a characters in an story\anime
  • Can lift of 900 tons
  • Is a pro bar fighter
  • Carries pistols, Shotguns, and Knives at all times
  • Has the ability to never reload his guns
  • Is 25% bulletproof


  • Byeahs natural like hotdogs, hamburgers, bar fights, and bug collections
  • He once was a famous drug dealer
  • He participated in "Jerma Rumble" which is located in a different dimension, he got 6th place
  • Is always a badass

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