Calibrose is a protagonist, antagonist, and key character in all main Road Encounters, even having a presence in the spin-offs, Dead Zone, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Cyber Combat.

== Synopsis ==

In Road Encounter 1, Calibri was found hanging in Oz's bar, and was revived. Immediately, he was vulgar and violent, creating problems for the other party members. Kuvok usually subdued his actions, but only sometimes. Through out their journey, Calibri learned was a malicious skeleton, killing gnomes and the like. After the Gotterdamn incident, he decided to turn over a new leaf and use the Lizard Spheres to undo his sins. However, Kuvok hijacked the wish and used it to turn Calibri human. He was furious. After Zelphar died, Kuvok visited his grave only to be killed by a more powerful, vengeance powered former skeleton. He then disapears and is never seen again.

In Road Encounter 2, the actual Calibri is absent for the whole journey. The Calibri seen fighting Eliza was Calibrium, The God of Forgivness.

In Road Encounter 3, Calibri (now called Calibrose) is the behind the scenes villain, everything that happens is directly under his control

== Relationships ==

Kuvok- During Road Encounter 1, Calibri was Kuvok's right hand man, and he turned on him last second, causing a whole cluster fuck of event

Ranch and Rogue- Waifus

Calibrium- Constant power battle between the two

Luka, Shooty, Zach- Henchman

Jimmy- In the universe directly linked to Road Encounter Zero, Jimmy hung himself, becoming Calibri. After this iteration of Calibri/Jimmy was turned human by Kuvok (who in this time line, is the father to a human Orson), he gave Road Encounter 1's Calibri the power to kill Kuvok and to travel through dimensions

Despite contrary to popular belief, Kuvok X Calibri is canon (at some point in time)

Hitler agrees:

Hitler finds out Kuvok screwed Calibri03:50

Hitler finds out Kuvok screwed Calibri

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