Capital G, also known The Biker Living in London UK, or simply The Biker, is a homosexual man with a fetish for HIV (called a "Bugchaser"). As you can imagine, he is HIV positive himself, or "pozzed" as they are known in the bugchaser community. Those who are HIV negatives are of course known as "negs".


i'm a biker living in london UK, and i've discovered 3 major ways of pozzing up unsuspecting negs. the first i discovered by accident when i was fucking a guy and the condom broke. i said i was sorry, and i was. but later on it made me smile. then i was doing another guy, and the condom broke when i put it on. i fucked him anyway, feeling guilty and horny as hell at the same time. then i started pricking the rubbers in their packets, so that when i started fucking, they'd split. but this doesn't always work, so now, to be extra sure, i go to clubs with a pair of nail scissors, pick up a handfull of condoms, go to the loo (john), sit down and carefully cut open the packets, remove the condoms and snip a bit off the tip. the i roll it back up and slide it back into the packet. then i look for guys who are into safer sex only. i've done 100's of guys using this method over the years.

the second method is more work, but more fun. i chat up negs on-line who want to bareback with other negs, i say, 'i tested neg 1 month ago. i think because i only top, i've always tested neg'. if they want, i tell them i'll pull out before shooting. i never do. there's loads of guys into being fucked by a guy in bike leathers and crash helmet, so i do them like that the first time, then i get more intimate, smiling, and kissing passionately. i make sure i fuck them at least 5 times, then i stay in touch with them to see how they get on. i've done about 20 guys using this method over the years, and i've only failed once. when they tell me they've tested poz i say, 'o god! how did that happen? do you think i should get tested too?' thank god for chat rooms. they can't see how much i'm smiling.

the third method is the most dangerous and the hottest. i had a biker mate, and for a while we'd go round together using the above 2 methods. one nite we couldn't find anyone so we rode up to hamstead heath, London's cruising area. we wandered about till we saw a cute young asian guy. he was a bit drunk, i think it was his first time on the heath. we smiled, said hello, and led him to a quite part of the heath. i started kissing him while my mate pulled down his pants. then my mate pinned him to the ground, and using just spit for lube, raped his ass. i held him down and pushed his face into the mud to stop him screaming. when my mate finished it was my turn. after we'd finished we both pissed on him and told him we both had hiv. we left him there, sobbing, soaked in piss, with our poz loads in his cunt. i still get a hard on thinking about it.


"Daddy's gonna poz your neghole fuckboy."

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