Celeste Redwind is character in the upcoming series known as "Girls' Night"


Celeste has long flowing blonde hair with a tiara. Celeste had tan skin along with pointy ears. Her outfit is a large Rose Beige colored dress with a royal decal along the trimmings of the dress. She has soft pink Ballet Slippers with white kneesocks. Celeste has light translucent blue fairy wings.

Celeste wears a dark rose colored eye shadow with medium lipstick. She also has a light flower adorned on her forehead.


Queen of the Light Fairies, a caring individual, never turns down someone who needs help and may get caught up in bad situations because of it. Not looking before leaping into danger to help someone but never thinking about the consequences, second guesses herself often and has abandonment issues from being alone from her sister for over 10,000 years, can't go many places alone without her sister now that she is not imprisoned anymore. Has a soft voice, often outspoken in conversations and raises her hand to be chosen to speak if she knows she cant speak over the crowd at any point. Her sister is the only person that can calm her down entirely. Very light on her feet and never wears any other clothes but royal appearing ones. Tries to maintain a queenly look to herself but never gets taken seriously. Shy at first and hard to open up to others but makes friends for life should she get along with them. Moppy has a crush on her but he is a mop man.

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