Japanese Name:


English Name:

Chef BOYARDEE (Localization) Great Days (4kids)


Felix Argyle

Manga Debut:

After you sir

Chef BOYARDEE (パール・ジャム CHEFU BOYARDU) is the stand of Felix Argyle.


Chef BOYARDEE is a humanoid stand with a single hand. He has a second face on his forehead which also shares his stunning blue hair with part of it brushed over the side of his face. He has blue eyes but his forehead buddy has purple. He carries a cherry tootsie pop which is a similar color to his skin.

It's concept was inspired by Steve Buscemi from Reservoir Dogs.


CREATION OF LIFE: With one lick of his Cherry Flavored Tootsie pop, he summons a nice healthy bowl of Chef Boyardee. He can seemingly create all the current recipes.

RECYCLE: He reaches into his recycling bin and pulls out cans of empty Chef Boyardee and chucks it at his enemies at a fast pace


  • My name Jeff
  • This stand is a reference to Steve Buscemi from Reservoir Dogs
  • He actually likes Orange Tootsie pops but Felix keeps eating them
  • The Yum Yum Chef Boy is a reference to The Walking Dead when Carl asks for Chef Boyardee but is drunk on painkillers.

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