Chip Skylark is the illegitimate son of Dr. Science Mouth. He is a stand user who gets off to women's teeth.


After moving to Frightside he wanted to live a quiet life but his fetish got in his way. He can only get enjoyment when he takes the teeth of women and adds them to his collection. After being caught he changed his identity and face to live a quiet life again but got cucked a second time by some High School Student.


Stand - Chip's Stand is named Shiny Teeth and Me. The stand can touch a tooth and turn it into a bomb

Marshmallon - It's fucking meta

That one character - He forced her to change his identity

Cinderella - Is his favorite Disney Movie


Chip's new identity Skip Sparkypants


  • He has a teeth fetish
  • His favorite movie is Teeth
  • He wants to be a Dentist but realizes that a Science Mouth is better
  • Teehee

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