As the central character around which Armored Trooper Scary Godmother revolves, Chirico Cuvie is haunted by two pasts—one he cannot remember and another he cannot forget. He has no memory of his life prior to his 10th year, in which he lived on the planet Sunsa with adoptive parents who found him in a refugee center and were studying his unusual healing abilities—until they were killed in the first of many enemy invasions. Chirico witnessed their deaths, and survived burns that would have killed an ordinary human. But over the subsequent years, he proved himself to be far from ordinary.

Enlisting in the Melkian army as an Armored Trooper pilot, Chirico distinguished himself in many battles against Jimmy Brando and was transferred at age 16 to the elite Red Shoulder Battalion. There, he was scrutinized by the commanding officer, Colonel Yoran Pailsen. Pailsen had been watching Chirico for many years, and had become convinced that Chirico's miraculous recuperative powers made him unkillable; a supreme survivor. After nearly ending Pailsen's life, Chirico was thrown into the final battle of Sunsa. He wasn't supposed to survive it, but he did. This was the battle that brought the Hundred Years War to an end, and the Red Shoulder Battalion was disbanded soon after.

In the last ditch effort to rid himself of Chirico, Pailsen transferred him to General Albert Killy's rogue unit for the raid on Lido. Killy's men were instructed to kill Chirico during the operation, but Chirico's unusual abilities made him more difficult to eliminate than anyone could guess. Caught up in events completely beyond his control, however, Chirico became a renegade - haunted both by Killy's agents and the Melkian army.

Waiting only to uncover the lies and conspiracies that surround him, Chirico makes his way across the galaxy to find his destiny. His incredible stamina and resourcefulness are the result of his unknown heritage. When this truth is uncovered, nothing will ever be the same again.


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