Chowder's last moments before he grew up in the final aired episode.

Chowder is an animated cartoon character created by European studios company Cartoon Network. He is a 9-year-old chubby purple catbearabbit who serves under the military strategies of Commander Mung Daal. He resides in a room at the highest tower of Mung Daal's Kitchen Fort, where he engaged in deadly ranged combat against Ms. Endive for 43 days. He wishes to be a leader for world peace, but he has a habit to destroy everything he eats by devouring it entirely. Reported sightings have even confirmed him to even eat entire mountains. He can also be used as storage container, and has made several appearances doing so in the Resident Evil series.

Notable Episodes

Panini chowder

The enemy

"Chowder's Girlfriend" consisted of Chowder plotting up strategies to eliminate his girlfriend rival Panini, but he ultimately fails each time he does so, as her intelligence of food fights exceeds Chowder's limitations.

"The Apprentice Games" also followed that same plot.

And so did "Tofu-Town Showdown".

The last episode, entitled "Chowder Grows Up," aired on August 7, 2010. He will be greatly missed.

His Creation

The idea was originally stolen from Spongebob Squarepants elements in order to create Chowder. The show's element was mainly Mung Daal teaching Chowder how to conquer everything. Although Cartoon Network was originally going to air the show with puppets, the opportunity was passed and edited to fit a more Saturday-morning-cartoon art style. It took 7 years for the show to finally be aired, but during that time, Chowder had succeeded in capturing the Teen Titans. After injecting them all with the T-Virus, they now became the shitty reboot you see today. The Umbrella Corporation refuses to give us any info as of lately.

The Downfall

Chowder was executed one night in his bunker by American idiot Andrew W.K. People were apparently interested in kids wrecking things apart, building them back together, and then destroying it all over again. Just like our last 2 presidents, and our current one. Although cancelled, Chowder will soon be making a miraculous return back to the television on the last episode of Fish Hooks.

Andrew wk-2014

Andrew W.K. released this bizarre image that has been banned from public viewing until it was recently edited by Discord user Stupid Doggo, who gladly removed the severe head of Chowder from the original image.

To this day,all of Chowder's great accomplishments can be found on Boomerang, but as usual, the last episode remains banned due to sexual adult content.

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