Christian Weston Chandler is the mayor of CWCville and Watchmojo's Pick for Sexiest Man Alive. He first appeared in Part IX, where it was revealed that the entire Scary Godmothers continuity was a part of the Sonichu canon.


He hated gay people until he became one.


Chris-Chan is young at heart and an ideal role model for children. Like his creation Sonichu, he has been known to zap to the extreme.


Through the power of his Sonichu Medallion (later revealed to be the Amnyfest Ring) Chris can transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu, which gives him the power of every other sonichu plus whatever ability he needs to win in any given situation.

His signature attack is the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha, a technique that inflicts bad luck and misfortune on Chris's enemies.

Chris later develops the Stand Christian and the Hedgehog Boys COMEBACK!, which allows him to detect every boyfriend-free girl within a 50m radius.

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