Clawd Stiff is an emo motherfucker that was forced to joined the Bench Squad by Tails. He welds the Butter Sword that is just a fucking giant butter knife. His parents were fucking murdered by Sephilisotts. He met Coldsteel the Hedgeheg and was trained under his Edgy Arts. He never smiles.


  • Non-Braver - He jumps and attacks the foe. Weak ass move.
  • Blade Gun - He shoots Fire out of his Sword just like a fucking gun
  • Buttering Toast - Covers the foes with butter and toss a giant rock to them
  • Slit Wrist - Emo Fuck...


  • Clawd has never listened to Linkin Park songs before. In fact, he believes those songs are actually a waste of time.
  • Clawd like his dad slightly better than his mom for unknown reasons.
  • Clawd is a only a level four on the Edgy scale, which is the point where he can slit his wrists, but not cause any serious harm. But, has claimed to be a level seven.
  • Tails forced him to join after watching Clawd mope around near the bench and getting ticked off by it.
  • Clawd's polygonal anatomy is similar to Neo's neoshroom cap.

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