Conquest was the original leader of The Four Horsemen before being dethroned by Death. Conquest is one of the strongest beings in the multiverse and has even reached near Godhood. He know seeks vengeance on Death for what he did to him 5.2 billion years ago. along his way he found a failed horseman, The Headless Horsemen and trained him to be his apprentice. Once he found Death he nearly killed it before all the horsemen killed him.


  • Horse can reach up to mach 5
  • Conquest can summon holy light to strike his foes
  • Conquest can make perfect clones of himself if they die, he dies


  • Conquest is the only horsemen to be shown of his horse
  • Conquest was close friend to War when we was the leader
  • Conquest is the only horsemen to not be weak to holy weapons
  • Conquest is blind but can still sense living organism auras

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