Count Chocula is a vampire and guardian of the famous Count Chocula (Cereal). Count Chocula one day made Count Chocula by complete accident and ate it giving him... Nothing. What did you think? super powers or money? After a few weeks of trying to sell it, he got 1 customer which later became 2.8 gazillion people. After learning that if fused with chocolate marshmallows, it actually gave super powers. Count Chocula is well-known in the Scary Godmother Extended Universe for having the worst fanbase.

After Discovery

After he found this out he later made this public to the world but shortly it was outlawed in Freightside. After some experimenting he found 2 things out about Count Chocula,

  1. For the best and long lasting affects crush it into a powder then snort all of that chocolate deilisonish
  2. It was highly addictive.

He then was a chocolate addict and later Count Chocula dealer. After going to rehab it was his life goal to make sure nobody had this much power and feel good times.

Live Action Movie


This Is The Face Of Nightmares.

As much as it is a stain on the Scary Godmother series there was a live Count Chocula spin off live action movie, it was terrifying to say the least. The movie only sold 2 tickets and the 2 views later committed pact suicide by "Clawing their eyes out with toothbrushes and choking and bubblegum". Luckily the all copies off the movies were burned but the commercials were saved as a reminded to never make live action movies again. "Too much Chocolate 3.2\10" -ING

"Boo Berry V.S Count Choc Decision"

One day by complete accident some chocolate junkie made a more safe version call "Boo Berry" and it was argued weather it was ok to use it or not. This battle lasted for many months until it was taken to the highest law, Supreme Court. After a couple minutes of argument and counterpoint it was decided that to thing were true.

  1. Count Chocula is dangerous and all who use it will be executed
  2. Boo Berry was safe therefore was legalized.

Today & Onwards

To this day Count Chocula still guards is beloved cereal, he now remain on top of a mountain house sipin' tea living peacefully as he is retired. We may never know if he's coming back buts it most likely not going to apin. For the main reason that the voice actor died in a car crash. We will all miss Count Chocula for he is near and dear to our hearts, R.I.P Count Chocula 1971-2016.

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