Ruby in her younger days

Ruby is the wife of Max, the mother of Orson, and the Queen of the Night. Ruby seems to be more modern

than her husband at times. Example, Max still owns a DS lite, when Ruby owns a 3DS XL.


Overall nice, willing to help you out and doesn't really hate anyone. She's even nice to Jimmies, to a tolerable extent.


DAMN! You have never seen ANYONE this hot before. One word. MILF. My god, you will NEVER see anyone this busty, bodacious and bootylicious in your LIFE. You pathetic virgins living off your free green form the govgov will NEVEr be able to afford her expensive taste, so DON'T EVEN bother. You might as well just keep saving your money and stop wasting it on your stupid anime figurines. Yeah, that ramen you eat three times a day? That's not healthy bro, you should stop wasting money on that shit and SAVE NIGGA SAAAAVE! SAVE YO MONEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOG? OH MY SWEET LORD JESUS! You'll be able to eat something heathly, like a sandwhich or some shit idk. Ramen ain't healthy bro. It ain't healthy, just take my advice.

Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular

Punched Max in the dick

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy

Punched max in the dick again.


Max: Husbanbo

Orson: Bastard Child