Typical creature

Typical creature. Note the boobs and hips.

A creature (often phoneticized as creeeeeature) is, generally speaking, a humanoid possessing the qualities of non-human animals, most commonly canines, felines, and ungulates. Despite comprising a vast number of species, they see themselves as a single people and largely follow a single culture.


Creatures are hypersexual beings, often possessing human genitalia and other sexual characteristics. Hermaphrodites are common. It is known that they possess the ability to transform human beings into creatures through a disease known as THE CURSE. Much debate rages as to whether this is responsible for the creation of creatures or if it came into existence after creatures.

Creatures are capable of reproducing with human beings. First generation human-creature hybrids will typically resemble human beings with some animal attributes such as a tail, animal ears, or animal eyes. It is not uncommon for children to appear entirely human and transform into a full creature at some point in adolescence or early adulthood.


Creature society is, in a word, depraved. Activities considered heinous by even the most barbaric societies are leisurely delights to these accursed lycanthropes. Rape, incest, pedophilia, and even cannibalism are practiced purely for pleasure.

Creatures are notably deficient in intelligence and impulse control. It is unknown how, or even if, they are capable of maintaining a society in the absence of humans. Their proclivity for violence and reliance oh humans for survival leads many to suspect that they did not evolve naturally.

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