Crocodile was the head of Broken Works and once a former warlord under Jimmy Brando but was banished after coming out as transgender. It took alot of confidence and composure to make the decision but Croccy McRocky did what she felt was best in the end. Now she travels the world in search of her husband Monkey D. Dragon to revitalise their relationship and hopefully figure out where the hell their son Luffy went too.


It was a cold winter's day and Monkey D. Dragon was super drunk. From the corner of his eye he spotted a bootiful woman. She said her name was Crocodile and from there they started a beautiful relationship and then had super kinky sex and then had a baby, but Crocodile was a real piccadilly whore and decided to join Jimmy's 7 Warlords. From there she lived happily as a pirate until she decided to come out as trans. Jimmy called her a 'gay fag' and that got Croccy really mad so she left. Croccy got so mad she also posted very angrily on her Tumblr and stated that Jimmy "Is a little bitch with the face of a retard pig born from incestuous retard pig parents and can go kiss my feminine dick." So Crocodile is sailing the seas in order to save her marriage and probably find a way to really rustle Jimmy's jimmies.


  • Sand-Sand Fruit - It allows her to turn into literal sand, which sounds real fucking stupid at first but is surprisingly capable of a lot.
  • Hook - It's a fucking hook, honestly really inconvenient for someone even if they don't have a hand there they could find something way better even in the world of One Piece, hell in the fucking world of One Piece there's people who can build bionic hands why the fuck does this idiot have a hook for a hand that's fucking stupid.

Crocodile in her female form that is totally canon fuck you Spilled Ketchup.

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