Cucked at Clown College
“Sure take a…” Ren tried to think of a joke, “take a seat.”


King of the Hill


Fuck if I know you fagrag

Cucked at Clown College is the one-hundreth-and-nintey-first episode of King of the Hill. It tells the story about how much of a fucking faggot Ren is.


Fuck if I know I didn't write this shit.

I know Hisoka is in it. He's a tubular duderino.

Fuck Ren tho. Huge faggola.


Based off of the novel The Lathe of Heaven by Urusla K. Le Guin. In the directors cut of the novel, George Orr dreams up a world where all jokes are funny. The catch of course was that Ren killed JFK, making jokes about JFK unfunny.

I'm fucking tired man.

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