Dio crying while eating a hamburger

"Hey Doffy baby, I just ate like 15 hamburgers and my hands are so greasy. Lemme hold Tommy for a sec" -Dio, The day Tommy fell out of the plane.


Late 40's



Adoptive father of Tommy Dickles and Husband of Donquixote Doflamingo. He's the one who "accidentally" dropped Tommy out of the plane.


Dio wears a yellow jacket, lack sweatshirt and a green heartshapped sweatband. 


DIO is an interpretive dancer in Cairo. He was woo'd by Doflamingo and they married soon after they met at the Arby's Nightclub.

They eventually found Tommy in a dumpster while on a world tour. They deemed him his Son and whiten less than 24 hours, they dropped him out of a plane, losing him forever.

Doflamingo and DIO have yet to make contact with Tommy after the incident.

Not much else is known about him. Although not cannon, in the anime it was joked about by Bert that he resembled Jimmy in a way. His nen ability is the World.

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