Probably older than she looks




Presumably human blood, Anarch vampires


Camarilla vampires, Chinese vampires, Sabbat Vampires, Giovanni vampires, hunters like Dale Gribble


Safe to assume American, though vampires may not count as legal citizens of pretty much anywhere since they're both dead and not human.

Damsel is an Anarch vampire who lives in Los Angeles.

Plot Hole

Why are they called "anarchs" if their leaders are called "barons"? That's not anarchist. That's feudal. Having any kind of power structure or hierarchy is antithetical to anarchy, so the name makes zero sense. If they were actual anarchists, how the hell would they plan on upholding the masquerade? Who would have each others back if someone spilled the beans? Anarchy already doesn't work for humans, so when you're a bloodthirsty parasite with something of an allergy to sunlight and fire who is outnumbered a million to one by people who tend to go ballistic at the discovery of your existence, anarchy would spell the extinction of your people. But they're not anarchists at all. They don't even practice any kind of democracy or republic. So what gives?

Damsel is Cute

It's true.

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