Dan Schneider is the grand pedo of the Nickelodeon clan, he's a ruthless and vile master debater. Dan's first appearance was in "Scary Godmother: Birth by Penis" where he encountered Hannah along with Crazy Steve. They then tried to brainwash Hannah into killing Scary Godmother but this was unsuccessful, Scary Godmother teamed up with Goofy and they immediately defeated Dan and Crazy Steve.   Dan soon went into hiding, he needed to regain what little strength he had. In his journeys he soon came across JIMMY, his new life began. JIMMY's stand [THE WORLD], instantly captivated Dan, for he too wanted a stand. Dan promised to do JIMMY's will so he could also obtain a stand and finally kill Scary Godmother.

JIMMY promised to give Dan a stand, he was shot with the arrow and finally obtained his stand T-BO. Dan's stando has the power to have food easily fit on a stick, with that stick he could beat the piss out of anyone that came near.

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