Dave Rotten
Dave Rotten
"No Raimundo, fuck off."





Living Status


Dave Rotten is one of the three Rottens hired by Robbie Rotten. He came out as transrotten after someone left the Skype call while sighing.


He attempted suicide several times, the sighing pounding his eardrums. Living in a cardboard box on the side of the street, He was found by Robbie Rotten, and was offered a job. His life finally holding some sort of purpose, Dave joined Robbie, dead set on destroying all who would destroy his purpose.


Being incredibly short, Dave is quite self-conscious about his height, and size of his penis. Despite receiving constant fellatio from his associates, Dave has yet to experience the pleasure which he desires.

He's also kind of an asshole.


Dave Rotten, as of Season 4 Episode 12 has been killed off by Jimmy Brando after he tried to kill Scary Godmother with his spell Attack The Moon.

Dave has appeared in various flash backs after this event.

There have been rumors that Dave Rotten may return as a ghost that will guide Robbie Rotten to his true destiny

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