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Disco is an original character that appears in the sagas written by Peter A. Locke.

He turned Blue in Hunter X JoJo. His favorite catch phrase is "OW!"

In each saga, he is always friends with Speedwagon.

Vampire Saga

Once was Speedwagon's old gang member, until he put on the Vampire Mask, which turned him from good, to evil.


He was shot in the back of the head by speedwagon with a Silver bullet after he went insane after Alucard's demise.


Feminist Saga

Hired mercenary by the Feminist to assassinate Gon, Jotaro, Killua, Knuckle, Shoot and Speedwagon. In Phantom Hole, he teams up with the AMERICAN heroes to rise against the feminist.


He is shot in the front of the head by Zoe Quing.