"This Menstruation is giving me major Frustration."

Don Jovi Ravioli is the Don of many unidentified Vampire Mafias and gangs, and has been pinned to be in league with the Mentrualola Factory as an anonymous business head, though Farley was the only witness and I mean fuck that guy am I right?

He's quick to ease any suspicion of his crimes with acts of charity to the public by many donations to Fright Side, that being said the town wouldn't need so much money if Jovi hadn't charged everyone for protection in the first place.

When asked his opinion on Menstrualola he replied,

"Nothing better on a hot night with friends then a refreshing chilled can of Menstrualola, the night stalkers choice 87 years in a row *wink"

He said passive aggressively pulling Mayor Meanswell to his side and laughing, then proceeding to chug a gallon of Menstrualola in under a minute.