Donald Duck is a recurring antagonist of the show and is mostly a "filler episode villain" and real importance to the plot until later in the show.


Donald Duck has done many things in the show but most notably he was a nazi and suck with being a nazi. He then later found Freightside thinking is was Israel and made plans to destroy Frightside. however he failed but then made another, then another and after a while he just gave up. He later made a time machine then when back to Nazi Germany and brought Hitler to the present but never got to see Hitler nor Nazi Germany the Hitler cloned himself and Donald Duck giving birth to Dolan Duk. After an hour Dolan Duk escaped and seeked vengeance on Donald for locking him away.


Donald Duck Learning How To Be A Nazi


  • Was a pirate for a short time
  • Became a famous cartoon actor
  • Was a sailor for 15 years
  • Became a nazi
  • Became a nazi spy