Donquixote Doflamingo
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"Hey why are you holding Tommy like th- DO'H SHIT!"


Mid 30's



Doflamingo was revealed to be the adoptive father of Tommy Dickles and the husband of DIO. He piloted the plane that DIO dropped Tommy out of by accident.


Doflamingo used to be a pro-skater and made most of his income from shredding gnarly kicks in the streets. His abusive boyfriend, Trebol prevented him from progressing further in life as a super pro-skater. Eventually, Doflamingo met Dio. Doflamingo and Dio grew close to each other and this caused Trebol to freak. Dio gave Doflamingo to courage to finally break it off with Trebol. Trebol bolted out of the apartment, never to be seen again.

Dio helped Doflamingo utilize his special skating abilities to take over a small town in mexico

They eventually found Tommy in a dumpster while on a world tour. They deemed him his Son, gave him a pair of Doflamingo's old orange sun glasses and whiten less than 24 hours, they dropped him out of a plane, losing him forever.

Doflamingo has yet to make contact with Tommy after the incident.

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