Doug Dimmadome
"When the Dimmadome is up in flames then you have my permission to dimmadie"







Doug Dimmadome is the owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. He Dimmahit his wife and is serving a dimma20 year sentence


i wish my father was here hello soOA sw timmy turner my name is dougsdale dimmadale dimmadimsdome dudidome dims dimma dimma dome owner of the du dims dimmadale dimma dimsdome du dimma dim dimsdale dimma dims dale dimmadome! thank you for locating my long lost son dale dummadome dimsmadome dimadom dimsdale do dimadom doug dims dimmadome heir to the dimsmadome dimsdome dimmadale dal dimado doug dimadu dougdimsdome [???] if there’s anything i can ever do to repay you for your kindess, all you need to do is ask. doug dimmadome? the owner of the dimsdale dimmadome? not right. not right? thats right doug dummadome dimmadimmadome dimsdaledome dale dimsdoo dimmaduh doo dimmadome dimmadome dimmadome owner of the dimmadome dimsdale dimmadome duh dale do dimsdimmaduhdodimsddddaledome dimsdale dimmadIMMADIMMADIMMAdome. the same doug dimmadome owner of the dimsdale dimmadome where they’re showing crash nebula? on ice? yea! not right. not right? thats right timmy turner my name dimmydummado dimmadome owner of the a͕̬̒͑̚͝ ̨̟̈́ͤ̒͌͌[̰̹̖̳̣͖͇ͣ̒͐͒̓̂[͖̯̼̺ͬͨ̓>͕̬̺͈̤̞ͣ͢&̚ and you can get me three tickets ts not right uwAAlyweh

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