Dr. Mundo is a leading doctor in Frightside. He currently works at Frightside Hospital where he works as a janitor.


Dr. Mundo was a young lad who wanted to become a doctor. So he did and after he became a doctor he inject ONE marijuana and became retarded. He was offered a job (Post injection) to work at Frightside Hospital by Tommy Dickles. Tommy felt bad for the retard and even gave him a meat cleaver.

Mundo now works day and night at the hospital as a leading doctor and a janitor. Sometimes he confuses his mop with none other than Actual Mop Moppy


  • Mundo
  • Mundo
  • Mundo goes where he pleases
  • Mundo
  • Mundo has a crush on a Bayonetta look-a-like
  • Mundo has yet to get pass a second grade reading level
  • Mundo is apparently lactose intolerant

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