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Drake and Josh are two brothers who first appeared in Scary Godmother: Uncensored, as part of the main cast. They have tremendous strength and cause devastation throughout San Diego. But be prepared, these niggas will gang bang you in an ally with really big shrimp.


  • Peruvian Puff-Pepper: Drake and Josh poison your chili with a rare pepper
  • Cumin: Drake and Josh spike cumin in your waffles, killing you instantly
  • Heavy Metal: Drake busts out that Metallica shit and destroys your eardrums
  • Incest: They're step-brothers, so it's ok
  • Hug: Josh hugs you and snaps your spine like he's motherfucking E. Honda
  • Helicopter: They hijack a helicopter and crash it in your house
  • Playboy: Drake has probably fucked every girl in the U.S

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