Dying Will Bullet

The Dying Will Bullet (死ぬ気弾, Shinuki Dan) is an item introduced in Katekyo Hitman Reborn, as well as showing up in various Neo Scary Godmother media.


Once the user is hit, if they have any regret before death, they are "reborn" with a flame adorned on their forehead (see Dying Will Mode / Dying Will Flame).

The Dying Will Bullets were created by the Vongola family, they're normal bullets that are fermented inside Leon's body for 3 days. If someone has mastered Hyper Dying Will Mode, the same effect as the Rebuke Bullet can be achieved this way. In addition to stimulation for transforming, there are several other abilities depending on where the bullet is shot in the body.

List of Abilities:

  • Jump Bullet: Activated when shot with one bullet in each leg. Helps Jack jump good.
  • Spring Bullet: Activated when shot in the scalp. First shown off when Hannah fell into a pit of banana peels Daryl left behind.
  • Iron Stomach Bullet: Activated when shot in the stomach. Gon used this just before drinking Tampa's juice, but it backfired because he was shot with an actual bullet.
  • Fist Bullet: Activated when shot in the hands. Sexual innuendo.
  • Heat Proof Skin Bullet: Activated when shot in the spine. It makes people crippled.
  • Megaton Punch Bullet: Activated when shot in the elbow, forearm and shoulder. Allows you to use the Megaton Hammer from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".
  • Niramekko Bullet: Activated when shot in the face. Fucking stupid, doesn't even work. Results in bloody gums.