E-101 or "Beta" is a robot made by the "Man of Eggs", only a couple hours later he had escaped and found Frightside. Well at least in this timeline.

Before Frightside

Before finding Frightside he was top tier assassin and it only took him 2 hours to reach the top, mainly because the "Egg Army" is terrible. Then he just got bored and left. After being free he mainly just kidnapped and murdered people in the anime its 22 however in the manga he killed 49. After trying to buy some "Zapp" as they refer in the show he found a random portal for no reason, probably because we "Borrowed" the plot from a generic fanfic.

After Frightside

After arriving he meet a cool guy who said he would upgrade him however, it would cost him an arm and a leg luckily he doesn't really have arms more like cannons do he just took both legs. He off course agreed like most robots would and became "Mark ll" and later died few second due to circuits not being connected properly.

E-101 Mark2

"Mark II Beta"


  • He can shoot laser from his arm cannons.
  • Mark II Gamma can fly.
  • He can self-destruct by saying the code word (code word is unknown).
  • Mark II can block physical hits and reflect arrows, bullets, etc. using the shield on the sides of his arm.

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