Eliza is/was a character in the party of the original Road Encounter. She didn't really play a big part in the story, and was pretty much the typical princess.


She was a princess, but no one bothered to ask. Like Calibri, she was dead, but once again, no one cared to ask. She had some special ability, but, no one cared to ask. She has shown that she isn't very smart, as she was "gambling" with Fungus the Bogeyman, when, in reality, Fungus was just taking her gold pieces. This display caused Eliza to use The Nail, and caused Calibri's change of heart (which was soon after shot down).


Calibri took the lead and recruited Roe the Red and Jamkal to attack Eliza, whos now a raging demon. She used her abilities poorly. Jamkal and Roe died during this fight, but not because Eliza, but because Kuvok and Calibri were incompetent. She died, and finally, no one cared.


The whole party treated her like that little cunt in Stardust Crusaders (what was her name? She was so fucking useless). Khajiits liked her as she would sensually dance for them. Brachim would later settle down have children with her.


-The Skullgirls character of the same name is inspired by Eliza. The team was so infatuated with her uselessness so they decieded to make on homage to her by making a corner-rape character

When she was first killed off, she was revived by Jimmy

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