"Would ya hit the unsubscribe button?"

EmpLemon is a Youtube Pooper that used to make good YTPs, but then he turned 18 and fused with The Downward Sprial. He started to be a stupid memer, that had bad taste in comedy. As of now, he's come up with the running gag of making people unsubscribe to him and there are 3 reasons why he wants to empty his subscriber box. First up, people keep requesting him to do YTPs with certain themes. One example would be a YTP on a Pixar movie like Finding Nemo. The main problem is that he has to deal with real life situations which caused him to lower his pace on making YTPs, leading into the result of people consistently badgering him to make more YTPs or a continuation of a YTP he did. Its not only just making YTPs in general which leads to the next reason, the theme of the YTP sometimes doesn't meet up with his audience's requirements. EmpLemon believes he goes through phases when making YTPs like his Spongebob phase or his Pixar phase, he would even delete some of his old YTPs like "Mr. Krabs' unquenchable Blood Lust." even though they made tons of views. The lack of content of a specific theme of YTP made people request him to make more to fill that void. Finally, there is the third reason, empty subscribers. Last year, he made a rant about his subscriber count being only empty subscribers, which are just accounts who are subscribed to him and don't give him feedback in his videos. The members of Neo Scary Godmother have empty subscribers to and they don't worry about it.... And to be fair, EmpLemon does complain a lot.

ITS NEVER OGER and enough is ENOUGH! I have haaaaaad it!

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