Grant Fangs The Vampire Von Kaiser
"Jimmy, you're wrong... YOU need ME. Not the other way around!"






Boxing, Warp Punch

Grant Fangs The Vampire Von Kaiser (マジンフーより強い FAHGS ZA WHAMPIRE) Is one of Jimmy's strongest soilders. He first appeared in episode 86.


Grant was the only child in a poor family. They were in debt because his father gambled all their life savings in World Of Warcraft. At the age of 10, he was forced to get evolved in illegal criminal organized underground boxing matches to earn money. He ended up losing his first match and was hospitalized. His father apologized relentlessly and promised to never make him do something so dangerous again. Grant smiled and promised to become strong enough to win.

5 years later, he resurfaced in his boxing career and won every fight he was pinned up against. Grant obtained the title" Fangs The Vampire" form his ability to seemingly never die, even when death was staring him in the eyes. He managed to pay help pay off his family's debt and live a happy life, dreaming of a life as a professional boxer.

One night, Grant returning home from his training at the local YMCA with his coach, Hank Hill. He entered his home to see his parents murdered in cold blood. The murder left a note, challenging him to another match. The boxer was Piss a-ton Honda. He killed his parents because he noticed fang didn't say excuse me when he burped. Grant fought Piss and won. Grant couldn't hold back his rage and took out a knife, standing over the scared Piss. As Grant was about to deliver the final blow, a hand stopped him followed by a soothing voice. JIMMY, managed to convenience him that defeating him and crushing his pride was more than enough. Grant thought that was gay and killed Piss anyways.

As JIMMY was walking away, Grant tapped JIMMY on the shoulder. He heard of JIMMY's feats and offered to join JIMMY's crew. Jimmy accepted the offer.

He later showed up to challenge Bert to a battle.


  • Warp Punch
  • Super Human Strength

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